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How to Develop a Content Driven Backlink Strategy

If you learn the art of building backlinks, then it will help you to drive massive free traffic to your website. In today’s generation, traffic means business and growth. If you’re facing difficulties to build backlinks to your website, then you’re at the right place. At The SEO Buff, we suggest you to read this article until the end to get the right direction.
Content Driven Approach to Link Building:

The Internet is full of content, and as a content marketer you must need to learn as well as produce
high-quality & relevant content for your users.

3 best steps to implement content driven approach to link building:

1) Search the right targeted keywords
2) Write amazing content and it should be on the lines of targeted keywords
3) Promote your content on social media with amazing graphics

As SEO Experts at Snap Visibility all know, “Content is KING”, the “KING” part only comes when you write structured & data-driven content. Writing a creative content and building a backlinks are backbone of your business. As a business owner you should keep in mind that to develop a long term goal and work upon a content driven approach to link building.

Backlinks are playing essentials role for ranking in google. But an authoritative link building is totally depending on popularity and trust factor of the website; also only exclusive backlinks works in this business model.

So, let’s get started and I’ll reveal one by one below mentioned all areas precisely.

1. Publishing ultimate guide
2. Round-up Resource Articles

Step 1 – Publishing ultimate guide: As we all know, with just one given subject you may find tons of article over the Google, so how to differentiate yourself from competitors? Here the challenging part begins, wherein you need to select the right topic and need to take care that the same content should not covered again and again. According to google, it would be very nice if you create your own unique subject and write an article on it to stand out different among others.
Further, you need to drill down the entire subject in detailed level and divide entire large topic into sub topics.

Note: Make sure you write useful content, anchor text, share proper infographics and only relevant information to end user. Definitely, success don’t come over the night so, we suggest you to stay away from websites like, SEOClerks which are offering cheap services. Just for your information, it’s our experience that it’s not even worth it for your business.

Step 2 - Round-up Resource Articles: Round-up resources, the word itself justifying the definition although let me give you real time example.

For instance, you would like to write an article over the conversion optimization. Now, the same article has been already written by thousands of people around the globe. Now, your job is to find 100 articles and divide each article as a subtopic. In few article you will find information about boosting sales, marketing technique, CRO technique, CRO tips, e-Commerce websites etc… While, you’re collecting articles, you just need to make sure all your articles should have high domain authority.

Now, once you collect all the information as a sub topics, your article will be like ultimate guide for someone. You’ve done great job for your readers, you’ve given them ready to access library of information. By this way, you can even establish relationship with site owners, bloggers and digital marketers seamlessly. You will start getting backlinks once your article is promoted on social media and shared extensively by real time end

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